Hi, sorry, I’m quite excited.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Matt’s new website. Very nice to meet you.

Thanks for coming to visit me. I don’t normally get a lot of visitors, but I think he’s started telling people things about me, because recently a lot of people have come around looking to verify things that he’s said. Things like “You can go check out the full recipe on my website.” and “I’ve just added a new blog post!”. If that’s what you came here to check, then you can just go find what you came here for and leave. I won’t mind. People always do. They always leave me. Which is why I’m trying to keep the place as tidy as possible. If you’re unsure why you came here though, feel free to have a look around and let me know what you think, but take it easy on me, I’m only little :)

Thanks for visiting.

Lots of love,



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